Sedelläsare gba st1

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gbast1 GBA ST1 MDB

Sedelläsare med upp- eller ner- stacker.
Accepterar 20:-, 50:- och 100:- sedlar.
Stacker för 300 sedlar. ( option 100 och 600 sedlar )
Front med diodbelysning, grönt = klar för sedel,
röd = spärrad för sedlar.
Integrerat MDB-interface.

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The GBA ST1 has been specifically designed for use in Vending applications, however it can also be used in all applications previously served by the GBA vertical stacker range, including Amusement, Parking and Internet Kiosks. The following features are also offered:

  • Up or Down stacking configuration
  • All new “Sense Technology” note discrimination
  • Up to 32 different notes accepted with 4 way insertion
  • Accepts note sizes from 62 to 80mm wide, 120 to 160mm long
  • Single note escrow
  • Multiple Cassette note capacity options
  • Tamper-evident, lockable cassette options
  • Multiple faceplate options
  • Optional Flashing note guide
  • Integral anti-string protection
  • Supports multiple interfaces
  • Commercial “plug pack” power supplies supported
  • On board Individual note enable / disable
  • Automatic sensor calibration
  • On board tri-colour diagnostic LED
  • Easy access to note path for cleaning and servicing
  • User Support Tools
  • CE, UL, C-Tick and ROHS compliant
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 standards

Please note that the words “bill” and “note” are used interchangeably in this document to imply a single piece of paper currency.


General Specifications
Bill Insertion: Up to 32 bill denominations with 4 way insertion
Bill Dimensions: 62 to 80mm wide; 120 to 160 mm long
Bill Acceptance Rate: Greater than 95%
Cycle Time for Validation and Stack: 3 seconds
Interface Protocols Supported: Pulse, Parallel, cctalk® (plain & encrypted), bi-direction serial (“RS232”), NAMA MDB
Power Supply: 12Vdc +/-10% (Note: Tip negative for the DC power supply jack)
Power Consumption (Validating): 800mA @ 12V
Power Consumption (Stacking): 700mA @ 12V
Power Consumption (Idle): 200mA @ 12V
Environmental Range (Operating Temp): 0° to 55°C
Environmental Range (Operating Hum): Up to 90% R.H., non-condensing
Environmental Range (Storage Temp): -10° to 65°C

Product Architecture


The GBA ST1 product consists of a Channel Assembly (1) and Bottom Sensor Assembly (2) which house the mechanics and the software. To complete the unit there are 4 inter-changeable accessories. These are:
(3) Note Cassette
(4) Note Guide
(5) Blanking Plate
(6) Faceplate

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